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When we were thinking about how to best support folks who want to build the career they crave, we knew we needed a place for real people to ask the real questions on their mind. And rather than getting recycled advice or being served some generic AI-style answer, a real human should always respond. That’s Sammie.
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We’ll never share anything personally identifying, and may tweak your question slightly if needed to protect your identity. You can choose to share your name and email with us if you’d like to continue the conversation directly, but we’ll never share that information to others.
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You can ask Sammie anything that’s on your mind, and a real person in our Club Sandwich Community with thoughtfully reply. Occasionally, we’ll share some of our answers through social media, but generally speaking, we’ll keep things in Club Sandwich.

Our goal is to create a space where you feel comfortable enough to ask what’s really on your mind, and we can share the perspective for others who may be experiencing something similar.
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