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Career Sandwich is a place where all people can build the career — and life — they crave.

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When we started Career Sandwich, we were starving for meaning in our work. Don’t get us wrong, we’d had great experiences and tons of learning throughout our careers, but we could not help but dream of spending our days in ways where our skills and passions intersected and the impact we’d make was real.

As we talked to friends, family, and colleagues, we realized that we weren’t alone in this feeling. Even the most passionate and invested employees at companies big and small were struggling: the sense of confusion, frustration, and exhaustion from “doing all the right things” but still feeling like you’re getting nowhere was more palpable than ever. Too many people felt a helplessness when it came to navigating the next steps of their career, and even worse, no one seemed to know how to get out of the rut. This is where Career Sandwich was born. We’re trying to build a world where all people, regardless of their industry, level, or income,  feel proud of the work they do and always feel ready for what’s next in their career. It’s no small task, but we’re working hard every day to get there, and we’re so glad you’re on this journey with us.
Dennis Field Portrait
DEnnis Field
Over 20 years in Brand Development, 5 Years in Employee Experience, Talent Brand, and 15 years in Product Design
Julie Field Portrait
Julie Field
Over 20 years in Design & Marketing, 15 years in Product Design.
Shelby Garrison Portrait
Shelby Garrison
Over 12 years in People Leadership, Culture Development and Employee Coaching and Development.
Lex Stewart Portrait
Lex Stewart
Over 2 years of Career Coaching & community building.

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