Common Job Seeking Terms & Tools

When it comes to searching for a job, there are a lot of technical terms that are commonly used which can be confusing to many people. Below are some of the most common terms that you may come across during your job search:

1. CV

A CV (curriculum vitae) is a document that summarizes your education, work experience, skills, and achievements. It is usually longer than a resume and can be up to two or three pages long.

2. Resume

A resume is a shorter version of a CV and is usually limited to one or two pages. It is a summary of your education, work experience, skills, and achievements.

3. Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document that accompanies your CV or resume when you apply for a job. It introduces you to the employer and explains why you are the best candidate for the job.

4. Job Application

A job application is a form or document that you fill out when applying for a job. It usually includes your personal information, work experience, education, and references.

5. Interview

An interview is a meeting between you and a potential employer. It is a chance for the employer to ask you questions about your qualifications and for you to ask questions about the company and the job.

6. Networking

Networking refers to the process of building relationships with people in your industry or profession. It can help you learn about job opportunities and get referrals for job openings.

7. References

References are people who can vouch for your skills, qualifications, and work experience. They are typically former employers, colleagues, or supervisors.

8. Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation is the process of discussing your salary with your employer. It is important to research the average salary for your position and be prepared to negotiate for a fair and competitive salary.

Understanding these common terms can help you navigate the job search process with ease. Good luck with your job search!

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