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Sales Teams Have CRMS and you should too!

Store Valuable contacts

Recruiters you're working with today will end up at another company in the future. Colleagues that have become career allies, may be able to open a door for you down the road. Don't lose track of these valuable contacts.
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Manage Your opportunities

You spent all of that time apply for an opportunity. Don't just send it and forget it. Keep track of it, and nurture it through each phase of the process.
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Record interview notes

No interview is the same, and the only way to get better at telling your story, and interviewing is by building a notebook on what went well, what didn't, so you can share it with your coaches, review later, and refine it all for the next opportunity.
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Enable Reminders

Soon you'll be able to stay on top of your opportunities, and drive them forward by enabling reminders to follow up. You'll also be able to set reminders to connect with your most important contacts to make it wasy to stay connected.
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We’ll get cooking on May X, 2023.

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"I love the process of tracking opportunities in Career Sandwich. I can finally throw away the nasty kanban board in ClickUp I've used the last few times I've gone looking."
Dan Short
Engineering Leader
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