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What is Career Sandwich?

Career Sandwich is a platform built to support your career.

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Participate in the Career Refresh to help you develop your Personal Career Story, or dive into the many other programs built to meet you where you are in your career journey.
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How you package yourself for fresh opportunities is important. Career Sandwich can help you put that final polish on your Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile so it's consistent and ready for consumption by recruiters, hiring managers and companies waiting to hire you.
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Delivering the ideal Pitch in an interview or negotiating your salary can be challenging. No need to worry with Career Sandwich! Your next Career Coach, and Job-Seeking Expert is one click away!
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You're more than a resume! Tell your career story in a dynamic way with your very own webpage. Customize how it looks, add videos, collect reviews from your peers, and book calls right from the page!
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Goodbye to Google Sheets! Store contacts, active opportunities, and post your interview notes right inside Career Sandwich! Our Tracker makes it really easy to stay on top of those fresh new opportunities!
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